MVZ Veterans

As is often the case, we came upon a historical document quite by accident. Originally searching for an obituary of Elmer C. Aldrich, we found in his papers, an old MVZ Christmas newsletter from 1943. It contains a list acknowledging former MVZ personnel who were serving in WWII; both in the military and in civilian war work. It is an impressive list which reads like a who’s who of the MVZ. Notably, it recognizes the deaths of Kenneth Kretsinger of the U.S. Army, and James Moffitt of the U.S.N.R. earlier that same year.

Elmer Aldrich was in service with the U.S. Navy at the time. He kept this newsletter with other personal notes and cards.

We’d like to share this document in honor of Veterans Day and express our gratitude to those who have served our country.

Please click here to view the newsletter: MVZ WWII veterans

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2 Responses to MVZ Veterans

  1. mkoo says:

    What a gem you’ve shared with us, Christina! A lovely reminder of all the ways people have served as well. Thank you.

  2. I love this post, and echo the sentiment of thanking all of the men and women who have served our country.

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